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My video vault documenting how amazing, beautiful and in love with water I am, especially the coastline & sea . I’m feel very privileged to live where I do and be able capture these moments when the light, time and conditions with the wind, etc all align to show its beauty. I want to bring them to other people for those who might be frustrated and not able to get to the ocean & sea like I was for a lot of years.

Also, I’m well aware that anything is possible in life that any of us including myself could have something that incapacitates and doesn’t allow us to get to the water and its moods

With this in mind I'm building a library of these beautiful moment just in case. So many years to come hopefully I’ll be able to sit back in my armchair and go through all of these time and time again, and just absorb the memory and beautiful energy water around our coast line has & holds.


So that’s what these videos are about. Punctuating my artwork videos they hold a massive degree of the inspiration for my creativity, paintings & drawings all found here and sourced from this beautiful landscape in North Devon, from our little Island called the United Kingdom.

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