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interconnected Energy

3 framed surrealism drawings in black and white hanging on wall above a table fine art painting installation & artwork by artist russell scott-skinner

Ok, so this is where it get's pretty surreal so buckle up & no pun intended. But simply put there seems to be an energy that binds everything. Animals use this & some people are more sensitive or in-tune with it.

Without beating around the bush I discovered that I could tune into it too. So after exploring my own energy, dreams & subconscious using mediation & free form / free association art with automatic writing, I thought ‘Hmmm, wonder if I could do this with other people.’ Long story short I could & this is when I scared myself and I abandoned ship with this side of my work.


Well that was over a decade ago & now it's a different day.


Or visit the online store below, just click on any image to view it's print & product options. Some originals are still available but you'd need to email me for those.

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