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a brief history

dancer in countryside
intimadted woman walking down stairs to two people with hoods up
surfing walking out of water

A brief history of my journey as an artist started commercially at aged 12 when I got buying and selling band at my new school following our move from outside of London to near Norwich, in the East of England. In a nutshell it involved me selling & trading these figures I'd painted. It was a great first business! Well that was until it came to games time and half the kids didn't have their sports equipment. I even had one kids boots who ran out in his socks. But unfortunately the sports teacher didn't find it as funny.

So onto mid-late teens. Well it was 1996 and the outdoor dance & rave scene in our part of the world was booming. As was our involvement in it. Our last ‘outdoor party’ rolled in a tidy 5000 plus people. And guess who was handling all the visuals for the events.

Yeap, I loved it and I was good at it. I still love to this day creating a feel & mood through visuals, lighting and printed material. I can’t lie it was a really fun time, but I never thought of choosing art as a direction after school. Solid stable career I thought I needed. How wrong I was as I embarked on a degree in psychology.

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