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From building to selling two successful photographic studios by London, I'd say the photographic Industry has been very kind to me.

My works taken me to centre spot shooting the Crystal Palace FC team, to Morocco and covering all Surf Marocs photography & Video work, onto clothing campaigns & launches to beauty, food & home products, musicians, models, actors, dancers, businesses & to York Hall in Bethnal Green.


The high stakes of wedding photography & onto my main love within photography that still remains today. Portraiture, especially imagery that captures all aspects of someone's energy, personality & their relationship with all the energy around them. Be it the environment or other peopleThis was my bread & butter for many years and it enabled me time & space to create and develop my own direction & style within my artwork.


For that I will be forever grateful to photography as a craft, an art & a trade.


If you're reading this & just starting out professionally and feel a bit daunted (or maybe know someone who is) then I'm happy to offer help & guidance.


Feel free to email me. I can help save you or them time, money & stress. From advertising to marketing yourself, covering yourself with insurance, back up equipment, lighting, accounts, paperwork etc and onto the most important, managing people & your scene in front of the camera & getting your desired shot(s).

Personally I don't shoot professionally anymore and retired after the sale of my second studio. These were in North Kent right on the boundary to South East London. It was a privilege to work with &  train all of the new owners in every aspect of general photography and the business surrounding it.. 


These days I'm working on my own photojournalistic stories or view points. Like the video shot for the animal Sanctuaries / charities in Morocco and the stills exhibition for SDC titled 'Preconception.'


Preconception  was a show curated by the Arts Officer for Sevenoaks District Council which ran at the Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks in Kent. It ran for 3 weeks but due to public demand it went for an additional 2 months.  (See Images Below) 


My artwork commissions & installations alongside of helping people with their aesthetics & creative consultancy takes forefront for me these days. But there are a few photojournalistic concepts & stories bubbling away & being shot though still.

But they'll be a while in the making I feel.


So if you've landed here after being given a participant release or some info then my thanks & please do feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Many thanks

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