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art installations, 
paintings, drawings, & prints

blue and black abstract painting detail fine art painting installation & artwork by artist russell scott-skinner
green blue and black detail from abstract aerial landscape painting fine art painting installation & artwork by artist russell scott-skinner
Artic ocean aerial style landscape painting with tropical seas and oceans with snow on the land fine art painting installation & artwork by artist russell scott-skinner

Paint & ink has always been my main love & passion

For years I was trying to steal the piece of nature found in geological structures where water has used its energy to sculpt our amazing world. From the oceans, rivers & lakes to the mountainsdeserts. I adore the way nature uses erosion energy & her enviable time span to sculpt our landscape. 


My artwork often takes the from of a geological aerial viewpoint. I grow the paintings adding layers and then washing them away. I then repeat the process over and over again.


Only by working this way can the pieces accurately reflect nature. I tried many other ways but this is the only way they capture that magical energy held in nature. They somehow feel alive, like a stolen living sculpture.  When viewed in person the light changes around them throughout the day & seasons. This seems to tuck itself away in shyness to any camera. Very frustrating for someone who built and sold two photographic studios, but beautiful & uniquely alive at the same time. 



It’s taking me a lot of time to refine & perfect the recipe for this. Which is why I don’t do ‘art in creation’ videos etc. All the layering & mixing needs to be done in a special way. Each time it is locked down & protected.


The pieces on average take from 1-3 months to grow but some I'm still working on 3 years later.



For smaller sized original paintings they range from £495 -£1250 and then work their way up to medium pieces in the £1250 - £2500 range & then onto larger paintings, series & art installations from £2500 - £25,000. I also offer some Open Edition Print patterns & images that look beautiful as framed wall art, prints, canvas' & across certain products.


Some price variance may be due to the amount of time it's taken me to grow that particular piece & it's isolated uniqueness. To get in touch please click here


Alternatively to read more please click here

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