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creative and business consultant russell scott skinner smiling in a meeting

Throughout that time I built and sold another studio and subsequently found myself working as consultant for multiple other companies including Kent County Council. Artists who understand business functioning seem to be very useful and powerful tools it seems. Shoreditch's gentrification by the artists seems to have had many ripples across the business world. For me it's been a pleasure to help a mixture of companies, from start ups, to fully running well established companies create, grow and /or develop their visual identities and brands. 


People are appreciating dedication in specific fields. Especially with the technology as it is our first impressions are generated predominately online in about 1.6 seconds. My skills in visuals seem to be able to help a company on how best to communicate it's energy in a split second, in an unspoken impression that seems to pay off.


I've worked design & consultancy across most of Europe and the UK. As a fine artist I need this side to my work. For truly understand life for us artists in our studios is challenging with a battle field of fallen soldiers. To keep in the fight it's all about balance so you don't lose an ears.

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