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surrealism artist russell scott skinner being interviewed by BBC
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And what a launch it was. Straight into my first major solo exhibition on London’s embankment.

A feature on the BBC alongside having work put out on 20 big screens in central locations across all major cities for the run up to the London Olympics in 2012. The exhibition went amazingly with over 2500 people visiting in a three week period. Plus the surrealism work was beautifully received especially by local lecturing mathematicians and physicists which surprised me.

But in full truth it was such a bitter sweet period.

For a newly launched professional artist I now had financial expectations on my work. This was an unexpected game changer. One I'll explain more in 'Don't Lose an Ear' but unfortunately it did make me miss out on enjoying all the success of my work. I just couldn’t appreciate it then because all the success was based around was direct revenue. I’d become polluted if I’m honest. But like I said, that's a long story I'll explain in the mental health care side of my site aimed at helping others on the creative journey.

Being given Council Funded gallery wall space to work free form directly onto was when I truly settled into my stride.  I began to just enjoy the ride as I matured as an artist. Since then the shows have got easier. I'm really proud of the solo photography exhibition 'Preconception' that the public demanded to run longer in the gallery. It was important to say that piece before I moved from the Sevenoaks area. 

The second solo London exhibition was much more pleasurable but then a few years maturing in your craft will do that. There's been multiple group shows and I'm feeling a pull towards exhibiting next year I feel. 
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