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woman in underwear
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dog head photographed x4
Forest Road

I ended up getting trained in the photographic studios. Not that I knew it at the time but this was better than any university. It taught me all about the art of photography yes, but more importantly it taught me about every aspect you need for selling creativity and images as a commodity and product.

From the running of a creative business to things like time and account management, advertising and marketing, insurance, communication, client psychology the list goes on. It was second to none in all the lessons I learnt. Best school I could have gone to.

Especially as I just entered the photographic industries at a time where it was making the leap from shooting on films like medium and large format into the digital realm. New waters where there was a beautiful exchange of information and art that I’m forever grateful for. Plus I got paid for it all as well.

I bounced through the ranks from trainee to shooting everything. To then managing studios for people and then onto opening my own studio in Sevenoaks, Kent. Just on the outskirts of London.

This was amazing because it allowed me the time and space between photoshoots etc to then attend to, and work on my primary love and passion of fine art.

It was perfect because I had no financial attachment or expectations for my paintings. They and I were completely free and this is where the first sector of my work emerged into surrealism.

I knew the photography was a means to an end though. Plus I also felt fate had that comfort blanket definitely on a timer for me. The photography industry shifted massively in 2008 (see photography section) as did my personal life. In truth I lost myself and didn’t feel what I was doing was what I was put on this planet to do. In fully honesty it was one of the most challenging points in my life to date.

So the photographic studio was sold and I now had my launchpad for myself as an artist.

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