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The Original paintings below reflect a geological aerial viewpoint. Where the pieces have been organically grown by adding layers and then washing them away, again & again. This way they reflect the landscape & natures use of energy to sculpt it. A 'one off' original never to be copied or recreated. A stolen imprint of nature into a living sculptured  painting. Which when viewed in person the light changes around them throughout the day & seasons. Only to hide itself to the camera.


The Medium pieces are priced £1250 - £2500 (Shown Below) and for Larger paintings, series & art installations £2500 upwards. (Please Click Here.) The smaller sized original paintings range from £495 -£1250 (Click Here) All originals come with letters of authenticity.


I also offer a range of Open Edition Print patterns & images that look beautiful as framed wall art, prints, canvas' & across certain products. They can also be vectorised for buildings wraps too.  Any questions please feel free to email me


Alternatively feel free to click here to subscribe and get notified when new works are released or upcoming.

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