"This is a small video vault containing a documentary for the BBC big screens,  a documentary shot for animal charities in Morocco plus high speed gallery and urban murals, canvas pieces and explanations into my work, for further videos please click on the red You Tube logo."

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"The time lapse footage to the right is taken from my series of work exploring the energy within myself using free form painting. You have no pre set idea of the finished piece, you just start painting and develop the image. Sir Henry Moore sculpted in the same way. On route is the video production for my new abstract landscape artwork that is based around the energy in nature."


Time lapse during creation of gallery mural. Free form piece 500x160 cm. Emulsion and Acrylic.


Shot for the BBC big screens and displayed across 24 sites simultaneously across the UK in 2012.

MOROCULL - (12 Mins)

Documentary shot on location in Morocco to help several animal charities raise funding and awarenes to the current means of controlling the feral animal population.

THE CARPENTER - (1:14 Mins)

Short explanation into capturing energy within a visual.

Aushwitz - Brexit Odyssey - (20 Mins)

Part of a 6 week commissioned documentary shot across 12 European Countries just after Britain's vote to exit Europe and the start of Donald Trump's presidency.

BBC SOUTH EAST - (1.50mins)

Short feature during the run up to solo exhibition 'Distracting the Colour' in London.

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