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the story of my urban art

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For many years I lived in North Kent, its where I had my two photographic studios that gave me the luxury of time to do my artwork as well.  During my time there it was a privilege to be able to help Kent County Council and especially Roddy, the ex mayor and counsellor in Sevenoaks as his art and cultural consultant. Our aim together was to help the area gain more of an identity. My suggestion was to allow and broker a connection between the council and the creatives. With flourishing art studios now firmly locked in the heart of the town it grows from strength to strength.

Like the creatives did to Shoreditch in East London in the 90's I truly feel that creative communities when pooled together can help brighten and inject positivity into struggling areas.


And with my home now firmly being North Devon for the rest of my years there is definitely things brewing. That's all I'll say for now. 

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