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Lagoon Oasis Detail 3 by R.Scott-Skinner.60x50cm.JPG
Lagoon Oasis Detail 2 by R.Scott-Skinner.60x50cm.JPG

The first layer of my artwork is all about reflecting the effects of energy used by nature to sculpt our natural world.


The heavily textured abstract landscape pieces are a reflection of geology. For them to work and offer a true mirror of nature's use of energy when sculpting our landscape, I worked out I needed to grow the pieces, rather than paint them. Some pieces can take a week or two, others I've been growing for a few years, it varies from painting to painting.


Alongside of my original paintings I also love drawing black and white ink pictures. The subject matter varies, from portraiture to local landscape imagery. I've kept them as open editions. Simply click on any image for further details. 

Sunset Surfer at Saunton. R.Scott.Skinner.JPG
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