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the story 
of  p.o.t.s


POTS = (Painting Of /from The Subconscious

POTS is the side to my work that I understand the least about and that has intimidated the most I would say. It's the side of my work that explores my subconscious and it's connection to the world. Using mediation and then creating FREE FORM artwork pieces both large and small it taps into an unexplainable but beautiful energy that surrounds all living matter.

In the past I experimented by offering to do this for other people too. Using no info about the subject and just an image of their eyes I'd start doddling. All I can say is that the results scared me and I pulled away. But i'm being drawn back towards it all, no pun intended. So to be continued.........


Last thing, there's a Print Gallery below, put your hand in, and support us artists, just click on an image for all print and finish options. 

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