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"Hello & welcome to my online portfolio. In a nut shell I'm an artist and surfer based in Croyde, North Devon. ​The heart and essence of my artwork is based around reflecting the energy of nature. It's taken me a long time and living in many places to have finally found my spot, but I've completely fallen in love with the North Devon coastline & landscape and now spend a vast amount of my time creating pieces that reflect this beauty

 I was originally born on an RAF base in Lincolnshire in 79 then it was off to South East London & North Kent, then at 10 it was off to depths of North Norfolk and Norwich. After my education here I rapidly scuttled back down to South East London and North Kent. So if people ask "Where are you from?" my answer is always that I'm a bit of a mongrel. A bit of everywhere.


I've been working professionally as an artist since I was 21, so 19 years now. But my passion has always been visuals, so even before getting paid I was always shooting photography, creating design work or painting artwork for those around me who were heavily involved in the music scene. My work took off from here into being trained up in the photographic studios in South East London, which in turn led onto me building and selling my own two successful photographic studios. I've also been fortunate to have worked commercial video and photography in Morocco and France, print design and production in Barcelona and Poland. I've also had a good feature on the BBC just before my first large solo art exhibition in London, My artwork  and photography has also been featured in multiple group and solo exhibitions in London and across the country and used across 26 big screens for the BBC in the run up to the 2012 Olympics. I'm really proud of my artistic cv and the collectors I have of my work from all around the world. I'm extremely proud to have Sir David Attenborough as one of the owner's of my work.

My artwork is all about reflecting the beautiful energy in nature so that a piece of it can be taken for the home. This could be a photographic print or a large original painting. My paintings are created differently. They are grown and developed through time rather than painted to give them a quality that truly reflects how nature sculpts her landscape. I create a layer then wash it down and erode it, then do it again and again and again. Sometimes they come together in a day, a week or a month, some I'm still working on. The piece lets me know when it's finished and ready then I fix the whole work down. Unfortunately they never photograph half as beautiful as they are in real life, so please feel free to get in contact to arrange a viewing or to discuss a commission to suit your space or palette range." 


For further information about purchasing work or commissioning a piece please click here to email.

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