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"Welcome to my portfolio. In a nut shell I'm an artist and surfer based in Croyde, North Devon. My work is about reflecting the beautiful geology, landscape and energy of nature around me. I've completely fallen in love with the North Devon coastline & landscape of South West England. I now spend a vast amount of my time creating art that reflect this beauty. From my original paintings to photographic prints and onto my new series of black and white hand drawn images of Croyde, Saunton, Baggy point and Putsborough. Who knows what will be next!" 

r.scott skinner art-living-room-wall-gal
downend, croyde.R scott-skinner websize.

"Being an artist is like being a visual chef. As such I feel that chef's aren't expected to cook one single dish over and over. But us artists are often expected to stick to one style and that's it. It's been hard to find peace with not doing this.  For somedays I love shooting photography & video, or drawing the controlled black and whites sketches. Maybe I want to doddle a large free form mural. Or other days I want to be setting the paint completely free and growing the large abstract landscape paintings. This is the beauty of variety being the spice of life. Who knows what the creative path will take next.

Tidal Movement. 76x76cm.R.Scott-Skinner.

"When it comes to my paintings they have taken me a lot of time, pain, sweat, blood, dedication  experimentation  frustration  and tears to work out how best to reflect this beautiful geography that nature surrounds us by.  My paintings are grown and developed through time rather than painted. This is the only way they truly work so that they're more like living pieces that vary depending on where they're positioned  what time of day & season it is and what light hits them.  By growing them it gives them this quality that truly reflects  nature by using the same means by which she sculpts the landscape by."

"I create layers then erode them down them down and repeat this cycle many many times. Sometimes they come together in a a few sessions or days, some can take a few weeks, others months or years. It's all part of the beautiful process and dedication of being an artist. Each piece lets me know when it's finished and complete, then just I fix the whole work down so it can be locked in time. The work people either get or they don't. The same way some people love walking in nature and other people think you're mad leaving the sofa and tv when it's stormy outside. But for nature lovers and appreciators they really understand the art and that sometimes it's not obvious, but when you see it then you can't help but appreciate it's beauty.


The pieces never photograph anywhere near as  beautiful as they are in real life, For in real life every single slight change of angle  delivers a new bouncing of light across a textured surface. I'm currently working on some video that I hope will do the 2d job better. 

But in the mean time please feel free to get in contact to arrange a viewing or any other questions. I do commissions and am happy too discuss a palette range to suit your space."



There is also a lovely range of 'prints. patterns and gifts from paintings.' You can find this section in the tabs above or click here You can select any image for a canvas or framed print and a small selection of gifts. The abstract shapes work really well across certain items. Or feel free to get in touch with your visual requirements. I'm always happy to offer some help and guidance." 

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